There are some common characteristics of all laptops, and their price will vary based on those qualities. What you are willing to spend and what you really want from your new laptop will be the best way to choose a new laptop. The basic characteristics are speed of processing, graphics cards, memory, and capabilities.

First thing you need to decide is what you will be using the laptop for. Is it mostly for work or is mostly for play? Work requires more capabilities and memory, while play requires more graphics and speed. If you need some clarification on what each one of these characteristics actually does, hopefully this will help.

speed of processing refers to the type of processor inside the computer. Intel makes excellent processors and generally they have the top of the line speeds of processing. Speed of processing means when you ask your computer to turn on boot up it doesn’t take it a month to do so. However, the speed of processing can be affected by the amount of memory on your hard drive.

Memory is what you use when you download something like file or a game or a program. Anytime you download, you are using memory. More memory generally means faster processing and the most fun stuff you can download.

Graphics cards make your video quality better. It’s the difference in a HD TV and a TV from the 80’s. Fewer pixels equal worse graphics, more pixels equal better graphics. Graphics matter to those who game or those who do video production on the laptops.

Finally there are capabilities. Some computers come with the capabilities to run other software or other operating systems. This matters to people who have specialized software for jobs and the like. It’s also helpful for bookkeeping or accounts that must be managed. More capabilities mean more stuff you can do on your computer. So make sure you carefully consider all the options when selecting your next laptop.

Not too long ago they were so large that it took multiple rooms to hold a computer that was only able to perform calculations that can now be done on a pocket-sized calculator. At the rate that computers are decreasing in size some may wonder if we will even be able to see computers after a few more generations. The fact of the matter is that there are already computers that are so tiny that they are almost impossible to see with the human eye, and many people rely on these tiny computers to perform big tasks.

When scientists talk of making electrical wires that are atoms wide it bodes of being able to create even smaller computers than those that currently exist. One problem that arises for many individuals when they think about how tiny computers and other electronics have become is when does the form factor for something become to small for it to serve a practical purpose. Extremely small screens are great, but when screens become so small that a person can barely see what is happening on the screen it becomes impractical.

There is always a quest within the world of science and technology to see who can create the smallest, most sophisticated piece of electronic technology, but it is important to recognize when this quest begins to border on the mere novelty. When we reach that point is it not important for us to steer back toward the practical uses for all of the technology that we continue to develop? Let’s hope the answer to the question in the title is, never so small that they stop benefiting their makers.

Computers are Here to Stay

The other day I was stopping in to check on my grand father. He is one of those seasoned citizens that like everything to remain the same. I love him and I love his company but unless you have 2 hours to kill I would not suggest a visit. As I walked into the living room I found him sitting on the edge of his chair watching with disgust as a salesman on TV oozed about how wonderful his new computer was.

Without hesitation granddad started railing about these new fangled contraptions. In his mind computers were invented yesterday and they are the downfall of humanity. In reality, Computers have been around much longer. They didn’t begin with Steve Jobs and the Macintosh. Computers have been around since the 50’s. In fact, simple machines like a calculator are actually computers.

I can’t help but shake my head when I hear people slamming our modern technological advances. Computers have changed our lives drastically: sometimes for the good sometimes for the bad. But without them we would not have the modes of communication that so many have come to depend on. Could you imagine a world with no computers? Sure we could survive but boy would it be difficult. Nowadays computers control entire stores. Computers build cars. Even our modern airliners are computer driven. It has even been suggested that without computers most pilots could not fly the planes they pilot!

Like it or not computers are here to stay. Sorry grandpa, but just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean they are bad. Computers are not evil and they are not good. They are simply machines that open pathways for people to do evil or to do good. What will you choose to do with your computer?

The Former Car Salesman

I don’t know about you but I hate buying a car. Don’t get me wrong I love the car I just detest dealing with salesmen. More often times than not they have no idea about anything but yet they want you to think they are the second coming of Henry Ford. So Here I am on the lot and walking around different trucks and SUV’s. within minutes the salesmen are swarming like a group of piranha on a lame goat. Mike was his name and he wanted me to know that he could put me in this truck for next to nothing. But before I talk about Mike let me go back a few months. This is in fact the reason why I can buy a new truck.

6 months ago I was surfing the web. Reading the news, studying the stock market. Hoping that I might be able to find something new, something that would get my creative juices flowing. It seemed like no matter what I did I was always a dollar short. How could I change it? The answer came in the form of a pop up ad. I hate those things. Apparently they work. After it popped up the volume went up and I was informed that all my worries would go away if I simply clicked the link. Expecting a half naked woman I clicked the link and found myself face to face with online gaming, more specifically, online UK bingo.

I had heard a little bit about x bingo games, but I never gave it much thought. For whatever reason this night was different. I read the disclaimer and joined the group at House of Bingo. Within 30 minutes I hit a small jackpot worth a cool thousand bucks. The rest of the night was uneventful but that thousand really made an impact and fueled me to join more sites, including Bet 365 Bingo, Sky Bingo, and Virgin Bingo. Since that night I have spent at least an hour playing each day. Since that fateful night I have added an additional 48,000 to my bank account, all from bingo.

So hear I was with a pocket full of money listening to Mike tell me all about this new Ram 3500. Mike didn’t know anything about this truck. He kept telling me about options it didn’t have and I couldn’t help but laugh. I finally told Mike that I was not in need of being sold on a truck. I had in fact made up my mind. But I told him that if he could tell me the final gear ration of this truck I would not only buy it with cash but I would give him a tip of 1,000. When he answered with 6 I knew he was an idiot. Needless to say, I have a new truck and a new hobby. Mike, well Mike has a new job…at Hardees.

One of the things you will notice when you start to look at the different electronic cigarettes that are currently on the market is that they aren’t all the same. One of the biggest differences is that some of them are 3 part designs and some have a two part design.

While the exact design that you chose is completely up to you, most people find that they ultimately prefer using the two part design. There are a couple of different reasons why the two part design is becoming so popular. When you purchase a brand of electronic cigarette that uses a two part design, you will be getting the best electronic cigarette which has a battery and atomizer that connect together.

The main reason that so many people prefer the two part design is convenience. A couple of the top two piece e-cigs are South Beach Smoke and The Safe Cig. The two parts are very easy to put together and, provided you are willing to practice a couple of times, can even be done with one hand which is very handy when you are in a hurry to accomplish a task and don’t want to slow down to put the cig together.

Another great thing about the two part design is that you don’t have to expend as much energy worrying about parts breaking as you do when you are using a three part design. If a cartridge is faulty, the odds are pretty good that you will already have another one on hand that you can slip attach to the battery. The faulty cartridge can then be shipped back to the manufacture.

Another reason to consider a two part design over a three parter is sanitary reasons. Each time you replace the cartridge you are also getting a brand new mouthpiece, this means you don’t have to worry about cleaning the mouthpiece, or germs that could be gathering in the material from months and months of use.

The one down side to the two part design e cigarettes is that they cost more than the three part designs that use refillable cartridges. Most people who have tried both styles feel that when they add in the cost of how much vapor juice they waste while trying to fill the cartridges, they feel that the additional cost of the replacement cartridges is more than justified. Just be sure to check out some electric cigarette reviews such as the ones on V2 Cigs and other top brands!

Both telephone companies are definitely hoping that the merger will go through, but not all the customers involved are happy.  In fact, some AT&T customers have decided to try to fight the merger by bringing a lawsuit against the companies stating that the merger would violate anti-trust laws.  Of course it will be for the courts to decide if that is actually the case.  The customers are suing because they believe that the merger will result in higher prices for customers and reduction in the amount of services provided by the new company.

One of the major reasons that AT&T is embarking on the merger is to meet federal requirements regarding their network capacity, and since T-Mobile is in control of a large portion of the existing higher speed networks it seemed like a partnership that would benefit both organizations.  There is also the obvious logic that by bringing the T-Mobile customers into the fold AT&T strengthens its position as one of the largest wireless carriers in the United States.

The customers are not the only ones interested in the legalities of the merger though.  The Federal Communication Commission (FCC) as well as the Department of Justice are also looking into whether the merger will violate antitrust laws.  The customer suits are being heard through arbitration, after a Supreme Court ruling upheld AT&T’s right to not allow customers to sue through class action lawsuits, but instead to use the arbitration process.

The results of these suits will have a potentially large affect on the wireless industry.  Since separate judges hear each arbitration individually, there is a potential for the process to drag out over a long period and slow down the merger.  It will also set a new precedent for future antitrust cases.

Another party that has also voiced concerns about the merger is Sprint Nextel.  This competitor will be pushed into an even smaller share of the wireless market if the merger is successful and could possible spell the end for the wireless carrier that once owned a large chunk of the wireless market.  Members of the U.S. Senate have also become involved in the process, again pushing the investigation of the merger from the aspect that it violates antitrust laws.

The simple fact of the matter is that the process will not be completed quickly, and the AT&T/T-Mobile merger will have several hurdles to overcome before it becomes a done deal.

High definition televisions definitely provide a much better viewing experience than standard definition televisions.  The kind of high definition television you choose has an impact on the picture quality, price, and maintenance costs for the television.  These are all factors to keep in mind when choosing through the hundreds of high definition television models that are available.  The three major kinds of high definition televisions are plasma, LED, and LCD.  What are the differences between the displays?  Let’s find out:

  • Plasma – This kind of display is the most expensive and also the most expensive to repair if something goes wrong.  Over time the displays have become much more durable than their fairly fragile predecessors.  There also use to be an issue with images being burned into the screen, but that issue has been resolved progressively over the years as well.  The benefit of a plasma display is that it provides the highest picture quality of any high definition television display.
  • LED – Light-emitting diodes are the engine that makes this particular kind of display work. The use of LEDs allows for some of the thinnest flat-screen panels on the market.  LED displays also consistently have higher picture quality than LCD displays. Another plus is that LED displays are more energy efficient than LCD displays.  The downside is that a LED display is going to cost more than a LCD display.
  • LCD – This is the least expensive of the three kinds of displays.  LCD displays are available in a number of different sizes and actually for the best picture quality compared to price, it is better to choose a smaller display.  Higher end LCD displays have slowly but surely been improving so that now some of them can compete with plasma as far as picture quality, but you will end up paying close to plasma prices for that kind of quality.

No matter what kind of display you have, proper screen maintenance is essential.  The screen should be cleaned with a mixture of a tablespoon or two of dish washing liquid and lots of water.  You should only use a soft cotton, lint-free cloth.  Spray the mixture on the cloth and use it to wipe the screen.  Avoid using any chemical products on the screen.  By properly maintaining your HDTV it can provide you with years of television viewing pleasure.

Photography is a great hobby.  It allows a person to capture memories that can last a lifetime, and unleash a creative side that they may have never known that they had.  In order to get the most joy from the hobby though it is important to have the right camera.  What are some of the basic features to look for in a digital camera to ensure that it will take quality photos when you need them?  Here are a few things to look for:

  • Megapixels – In order to take pictures of high enough quality that they can be printed and mounted you need a camera with at least 12 megapixels.  The prices on 12 megapixel cameras have decreased greatly over the years and a really great camera can be purchased for right around the $400 price point.
  • Lenses – One of the big things that separates professional photographers from amateurs is the kind of lenses that they use.  An amateur may wonder why anyone would pay hundreds of dollars for a lens, but a professional understands that the lens can make a major difference in the finished picture.  If you are looking to make the transition you will need to buy a camera with a lens converter or one that can accept interchangeable lenses.
  • Photo Format – The ability to save photos in their raw format is important, but the camera should also be able to save the pictures in other formats that are a bit more portable, like JPEG. It is also good when the camera has the ability to save photos directly onto some form of portable media.
  • Flash modes – Proper lighting is important to taking good pictures, and a camera needs to be able to adapt to the lighting to get the exposure that the photographer is looking for.  Automatic flash is used most often, but flash modes like fill and slow sync provide the photographer with more options.  Also important is the ability to connect an external flash to the camera.

These are just a few of the settings that are important to research thoroughly when trying to select a quality camera.  Other cool features include image stabilization and customizable user modes.  Be sure to read reviews thoroughly because there are several cameras that have all these features on the market, and you want to choose the one manufactured by the brand name that you trust the most.

Buying a Great Car Stereo

What is a road trip without music?  Really these days what is a drive anywhere without music?  With so many different options for playing back audio it is important to have a car radio that can handle what you bring.  What should you look for when choosing a replacement car stereo to make sure that it can fully handle all of your audio needs?  Here are just a few things to keep in mind:

  • Auxiliary inputs – While the standard CD slot is important the simple fact is that most of us keep the majority of the music that we listen to on some form of portable music player.  The standard headphone jack is one of the easiest ways to connect virtually any portable music player to your car radio.  If you have an iPod, most car stereos either sell an attachment that allows you to connect your IPod or some stereos have IPod docks built right in.
  • Subwoofer – Most music sounds much better when you hear the full audio spectrum of the music.  This means feeling every bit of seat vibration as a solid bass line pours through the car. In order to enjoy this though the car stereo you choose should have a separate subwoofer output.  Of course it also requires that you buy a quality subwoofer speaker for your car and install it correctly.
  • Easy-to-use interface – Your car stereo should not force you to take your eyes off the road for extended periods of time in order to listen to the music that you want to hear.  Higher end car stereos use a touchscreen interface to navigate through the available music.  Buttons and dials should be large enough to be pressed and turned easily by feel.  The display should be bright enough to be easily visible and ideally be anti-glare.
  • All-in-one – It is really annoying when you have to dig out the GPS, then hunt up the DVD player for the kids, and make sure that in the process you do not pull out the cord or the MP3 player.  It is great when you do not have to worry about this kind of mayhem because all these essential car entertainment devices are all rolled into one.  These units are more expensive than more traditional car stereos, but the functionality is worth it for many families.

Car stereos have come a long way since the days of 8 track players and cassettes.  Why not take advantage of everything that this new technology has to offer.

Benefits of Dolby 7.1?

It use to be solely the jurisdiction of the movie theater to offer sound experiences that completely immerse the viewer, but the days of relegating this experience to the theater are over.  Now anyone can enjoy full cinematic sound in the comfort of his or her home, and that experience is about to get even better with the introduction of Dolby 7.1.  The new technology will create an even more powerful 360-degree surround sound effect.

As with all the previous Dolby technologies the plan is to eventually integrate Dolby 7.1 into home theater systems.  Currently the place to enjoy Dolby 7.1 sound is in your local movie theater.
It is important to note if the theater that the movie you will be viewing is equipped to handle the sound format.

The Dolby 7.1 format uses two additional speakers to create four distinct sound zones.  In the movie industry the new format allows sound engineers to more precisely place how the audience will hear a certain sound effect.  It also allows sound designers to match the onscreen visual more accurately with the audio experience.  A plus for movie audience is that the format increases the size of the sound sweet spot.  This means a larger section of the audience will be able to hear the movie in the exact way that the sound team desired.

Movie theater owners who upgrade their sound systems to handle Dolby 7.1 will quickly reap the rewards in the form of larger audiences.  Movie studios are currently developing the majority of movies to deliver audio in Dolby 7.1 the upgrade is important to ensure the seat rumbling experience that moviegoers expect.  Most theaters are already equipped with Dolby sound equipment so the upgrade from 5.1 to 7.1 is not incredibly labor intensive or expensive.

As theater technology continues to advance with the use of 3D technology and ever increasing audio capabilities it is important that theaters be willing to keep up with the advances in technology if they want to keep their patrons loyal.  If you are a theater owner making the transaction now is definitely worth the investment.

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